Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Services

Our Process from Start to Finish

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Does your home need an interior makeover? Are you ready for a new color or need your paint refreshed? Give your home’s interior a makeover you’re sure love. When you’re ready for interior painting, Macuch Painting, Inc. is at your service!

Step 1 – Walk-Through & Estimate

During your walk-through, Billy Macuch will discuss the scope of the project and provide a free color consultation and estimate. He will work with you to determine the best quality products to be used. The goal is to create a plan, then bring your vision for your home to life.

Step 2 – Prep Work

To ensure the best interior painting, the surfaces must first be prepped correctly. Our preparations always start by protecting the space. Furniture, floors and fixtures will be covered before work can begin. 

Next, all surfaces must be prepped by first cleaning the surface and removing all dirt, stains and imperfections. Nail holes and wall and ceilings cracks will be filled. All surfaces are sanded with our Dustless Festool System, making surfaces as smooth as possible, with the best finish. From here, all surfaces will be primed with the proper primer, which is determined based on the surfaces being prepped. We use a variety of primers from stain blocking, bonding primers, and deep penetrating oil based primers. 

Step 3 – Painting

Most surfaces will require 2 coats of top-quality paint. Our professional teams will determine the best method of application.

Step 4 – Final Walk-Through Inspection & Clean Up

Upon completion of all painting, every job will undergo a walk-through inspection. At this time, any and all touch ups will be done, ensuring that you have a perfect paint job.  

Interior Painting Services on Upper Cape Cod and the South Coast of Massachusetts

Going away for the winter?

Now is the time to plan your interior painting projects.

While you’re away we can make that dramatic change in wall color you’ve been thinking about. Remove Grandma’s old wallpaper or just freshen up your existing colors and touch up the trim!

Contact us to discuss your ideas and schedule time to complete your job.